Remote Coaching

£19.99 – £29.99 per month

Designed to both complement and progress your current training, target specific weaknesses and achieve lasting results!

The type of programme you select will depend on the amount of time and equipment you have available, plus the nature of your goals. To find out more and subscribe, please click the button below.

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From one-off downloads to subscriptions and individualised to group-based scheduling. Whether you want a handful of accessory sessions or a full programme, target specific weaknesses and achieve lasting results! Please note: subscriptions billed monthly.


No! None whatsoever. You just need to have a can-do attitude and be willing to work hard. Various programmes are available and can be adapted to suit all levels of fitness.

This will mainly be dependent on the amount of time and equipment you have available and the nature of your goals. However, you will always start at the beginner to intermediate level no matter how much experience you have in the gym.

This will depend on what type of programming you opt for. Generally speaking, 20-30 minutes is the minimum and 60-90 minutes is the maximum. It will also depend on how time-efficient you are!

To follow a training programme you will either be invited directly, or need to use a link promoted by a coach using the ‘Fitr’ system. If you’re invited directly by a coach, you’ll likely have been sent a link to sign up via your email or messenger service.

Every exercise is accompanied by a demonstration video, which can be viewed an unlimited number of times in order to help you understand it in the fullest detail.

From bodyweight to barbells, there is a programme to suit whatever you have at your disposal. It is advantageous but not essential to have a weighted object of some sort. The more equipment you have, the more varied your sessions will be.

No. But it is recommended, particularly for individualised programmes, to stick with it for at least 2-3 months in order for you to make sufficient progress. Trust the process!

Note: Payments are made on a rolling monthly basis, so it is asked that you provide 1 months notice prior to cancelling.

For subscription based programmes, you will be charged on a rolling monthly basis, roughly on or around the same date as the date of original sign up. It is not possible to move this date. Once you sign up, payments will continue unless you decide to cancel or the programme is cancelled for you. If the subscription is cancelled, it will remain active until the end of your billing cycle.

Note: For free subscriptions, as there is no billing period, access will stop the following day.

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Remote Coaching

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