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How to master your first competition

Was I nervous? Of course!
Did I make mistakes? Absolutely!

Hopefully the below will be helpful to those taking part in the CrossFit Open for the first time;

“I’m so nervous”

This is completely normal. Embrace it! If a workout doesn’t go to plan, so what? Competition is meant to be fun – have that at the forefront of your mind!


“What if I’m not good enough?”

The hard work is done! You’ve done all the movements in training and classes – there is nothing to be fearful of.

“I’m worried about this or that workout”

Don’t overthink things, stress yourself out or be afraid to ask any questions. There’s no such thing as a stupid one!

“What do I need to get ready?”

Don’t leave it until the last minute! Get your set-up right the night before. Meal prep if that’s your style! Do whatever YOU need to do in order to make things as easy and stress free as possible on the day.

“What should I be eating or drinking?”

Eat good, nutritious, wholesome food and drink plenty of water in the days prior. This is your final opportunity to fuel up! Now isn’t the time to start introducing new things – stick to what you know. Eat foods that are palatable and easily digestible.

“How should I approach each workout?”

Play to your strengths. Put your foot down when you’re confident with the movement, pace things sensibly when less so. Be smart, remain calm and stay positive!

“Should I train the day before?”

Purely down to personal preference – some people perform better off complete rest, others not so much. Either way, you’re not going to get any fitter, stronger or faster overnight – or weaker, slower etc for that matter!

Good luck!

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