How to avoid overtraining
Blog article. How to avoid overtraining.

How to avoid overtraining

Finding the right balance between training and rest can be difficult. It takes time to get to know your body and what it’s capable of – but when you push it beyond its ability to recover, some common signs and symptoms occur;


Reduction in performance


Prolonged aches and pains


Poor immunity to illness


Insomnia and headaches


Loss of appetite


Low energy and motivation


Irritability and low mood


Compulsive need to exercise


Full recovery from overtraining can take several weeks, so being able to recognise the warning signs and make adjustments before you wind up sick or injured is vital. Try these for size:

1. Rest and recover – reduce or even stop exercising and allow yourself a few days of rest.
2. Hydrate and eat well – drink plenty of fluids and include a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.
3. Give Yoga a try – relax both mentally and physically.
4. Use a Foam Roller – improve circulation and range of motion.
5. Take an Epson Salt Bath – help your muscles relax and boost blood flow.
6. Change your routine – prevent overworking muscle groups or suffering from mental fatigue.

Learning to identify the signs and how to deal with them will allow you to effectively reign-in your training when necessary, recover sufficiently and achieve a more sustainable progression in the long run.


Whether you idolise an elite athlete or are chasing a friend from the gym, doing too much and not resting enough will always catch up with you sooner rather than later. NOBODY is immune to overtraining!


Is someone doing two-a-days, five-to-six times per week? Cool. That doesn’t mean you have to! Chances are, they have the lifestyle that allows for it. Maybe someone is progressing quicker than you? So what! Consider that they might be in the early stages of their training journey where progress comes rapidly and PBs are frequent.


Take the mantra ‘you’ve got to be willing to do what others won’t’ with a pinch of salt! Do what is relevant to you and your goals.


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