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Good nutrition is key to maintaining optimal health

More than ever before, you have the reason, time and power to eat for immunity and longevity. But where should you start?

Here are some easy to follow tips to help you plan, enjoy and maintain better eating habits:

1. Get Organised
Create a structure to your day; specifically planning for three meals, each containing a source of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates.
2. Write a List
Plan your food shop in advance. This will save you from impulsive choices, reduce your spend and prevent waste. The majority of your shop should be completed in the first few aisles!
3. Meal Prep
Even if its for just one meal a day, knowing what is on the menu helps you control what you are eating. If you can, batch cook to save valuable time.
4. Be Realistic
Not everyday will be perfect! Some days you will reach your targets, others you won’t. Adjusting your eating routine is not easy; aim to be consistent and the benefits will soon follow.
5. Moderation
It’s OK to have a treat! Don’t restrict yourself too much, just aim to pre-plan them in moderation and find a happy medium.
6. Your Why
Remember the reason you started and what you’re working towards as this will help keep you on track. Just because your daily routine changed, it doesn’t mean your goals need to!
Taking small steps, every day, still gets us to our end destination.

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