Refocussed. Refreshed. Reinvigorated.
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Refocussed. Refreshed. Reinvigorated.

As a coach, it can be difficult at times to find the right balance between your own training and the needs of your business.

Back-to-back classes, followed by a block of clients and then on to daily admin tasks (and knowing its not long before you have to do it all over again), by the time it actually gets around to doing your own training its hard not to feel a little saturated or burnout.
What may appear to be the dream job, can actually be really hard at times! Its not as easy or as glamorous as it may seem. ‘I’d love to do your job – how hard can it be? All you do is tell people what to do for a few hours and then train all day.’ Yeah, so about that…
Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate how fortunate I am to be doing what I do. I love my job! But as with anything, its all about finding the right balance. You can always make more money, but you cannot make more time. And with that in mind, some notes I hope will help any fellow or aspiring coaches;

Be flexible with your training

Look at your daily schedule and decide what an effective amount of training is for that given day. Sure, it's important to ‘lead by example’ but not at the expense of your clients or classes.

Quality not quantity

Be realistic with how many coaching hours you can deliver whilst maintaining a good level of coaching, not forgetting the other requirements of your business. They are equally as important to its success.

Take more time off

This is perhaps the hardest but arguably the most important of the three. Chances are, if you’re not on the gym floor, you’re not getting paid. However, in order to maintain a high standard of coaching it is vital to get away from time-to-time to relax, unwind and come back refreshed.

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